Security of supply and price hedging

Precious Metals Management, a business unit of the Belgian Umicore Group, assures worldwide supply of physical precious metals to Umicore’s external and internal customers. It also offers customary price-hedging instruments for precious metals, like outright buy and sell orders, working of limit orders, forward pricing, options and financing of precious metals. Furthermore selling of Umicore´s precious metal bars for investment is organised by Precious Metals Management.

Precious Metals Management is part of the business segment Recycling, one of the four large business areas of Umicore Group.



Important Note:

On several websites other companies promote their services together with pictures of our precious metals bars/ingots and/or our company logo. Frequently these companies name Umicore and/or other fabricators of bars/ingots as "partner" or "partner company". We wish to point out that we have a direct business relationship with only very few trading partners. However, many companies offer Umicore precious metal bars/ingots which they purchase through third parties. If you have questions related to this subject, please write an e-mail to